Lay of The Day

It’s Pretty Simple Actually

Self Contentment. Internal Happiness. If you can be content with yourself and internally happy, you're good. Realizing you are enough is really the whole battle. I've been seeking validation lately and the worst part about it is I didn't even... Continue Reading →

Lay of the Night

*ASOS Granddad Collarless Shirt *INC Pants *Casio Watch That's my best friend Mike standing next to me by the way! So I went to New York City for the weekend. We had a great time. Took a lot of pictures,... Continue Reading →

Lay of The Day

INC PEA COAT H&M Pants and Boots Have a great one!  

The Universe

I'm sure most of you know about the law of attraction. I've been reading about this for a while now. You know, what you think about, you manifest; you know all that good stuff. That's not sarcasm, it actually is... Continue Reading →


You know, Trumps inauguration is today. I am not a trump supporter. I was definitely a fan of Obama. But to be honest with you guys, I think you guys pay too much and care way too much about who... Continue Reading →

The Lay

Nike flyknits on my feet. Nike Hoodie. H&M everything else.

Why Not?

I know everyone says, in order to be happy, you must be grateful with all that you already have. Now, don't get me wrong, I agree with that 100 percent. But then I also ask this one question, "why not?".... Continue Reading →


Its no coincidence that every great person does this. I always wondered why they did it until I tried it out myself. But it wasn't just how it made me feel my first time doing it, it was also how... Continue Reading →

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